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samedi 20 septembre 2014

Amazon Vs Google - Does Adwords Now Have Formidable Competition?

By Omar Rashad

There is a company that dominates the online world, and it's name is definitely Google. They keep reinventing advertising, and Google Adwords is just part of what they do to make the online world work when it comes to marketing and advertisement. But, there are some other big names out there, and they too have a say in online advertising.

There are reports to indicate that Amazon is working on a competitive advertisement platform that resembles Google AdWords. This would no doubt worsen the adversaries between the two online giants in the near future. This platform is said to be driven by the wealth of shopping data that Amazon has been amassing as the world's largest online retailer. This program is called the Amazon Sponsored Links which is said to begin its testings later this year.

Amazon has already had a lot of success using advertising efficiently on their site. The site currently features a number of ads that link out to third-party sites, and those ads have brought Amazon a significant amount of revenue. With that said, the money this new program will bring in should far surpass anything Amazon is earning right now.

A wide range of advertisers will benefit from this wealth of information that Amazon possesses. The new platform is going to be simple and not in anyway over-sophisticated as per the current hints. It will include the bare minimum functionality in anticipation of gradual improvements over time.

Still, Amazon already has a huge portion of the business world on their lap and has defined their niche online. Furthermore, they are already getting a tool ready to go to make sure that businesses everywhere can purchase these new ads in bulk. It's going to be interesting to see what is coming as Amazon continues to steamroll forward as a business that is not only well-established but very innovative.

Is Amazon going to outperform Google in the online advertising sphere? This is what was exactly reported in the Wall Street Journal report released recently. As per the Wall Street Journal report, Amazon is currently testing a new ad platform similar to Google's AdWords platform. This program is named as "Amazon Sponsored Links", which will show ads based on search queries similar to the AdWords product of Google.

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How To Find The Right Store For Unique Beaded Jewelry Made By Hand

By Lessie Kaufman

Search the internet. There are many products that are being promoted by their owners on the internet. It is easy to find products and sellers on the internet by the way the internet provide information about them. Not only will you see photos of the products but also relevant information about them including the business entity or person that could supply you the product.

The telephone book is just one of the business directories that you can utilize for the search. There are also a considerable number of stores that sell unique beaded jewelry made by hand that are listed in telephone books. There are still people who patronize telephone books and still continue to use them despite the popularity of the internet.

Choose the right color that will match your outfit or personality. You could base your choice on so many things that are important to you. Know the quantity of the products that you would like to order. To maximize shipping, it would be nice to order several of the products. You could resell the products in time. You can plan ahead of time.

Wholesalers get discounts because they order a large quantity of the product. Check if the store is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There is a lot of information that you will learn from the bureau about the store. Check the BBB rating of the store.

If you find a company or a store instead, check the same things that you would check with an individual seller. Find out if the store has a good reputation in the business. One way of finding out if they are a good store or not is to go to customer review sites. These sites contain feedback of different customers of different products and services.

Know that you can order the products from the store's website. The store can have its own website. It can also sell products in other websites. They do not own the website. They are owned by third parties. Examples of these sites are ebay and amazon. Ordering the products from the web entails the use of certain forms of payment.

In this transaction, you are not in face to face position the seller to hand out the payment. Stores that are selling their goods online accept different kinds of payment. One of which is the credit card payment. Credit card payments are very easy to process for both customer and the store.

Some goods are priced higher than other items. Make sure that you are buying quality items from the store. The disadvantage with buying from an online store is that you do not get to inspect the actual products. That is because you are staring at pictures of the products in the store's website. You just have to trust the store that they will ship you quality products.

It is hard for you to go to the branch and get the product. Make sure that you review all information before you send it in to the store. You will be filling up information when you buy the products.

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Facebook Allows Users And Advertisers To See Video Views

By Kamil Hamad

Facebook is getting it right. We already know that the owner of Facebook is a billionaire and that the company is doing good but one of the biggest fears has been how sustainable is the Facebook model. Facebook doesn't really have a product to promote to all of it's 200 million users so many analyst had no idea how Facebook could ever be a great investment or even how it would last in the world of the internet where companies constantly come and go. What these analysts didn't understand the true power of Facebook.

Facebook has announced that their videos are getting more than 1 billion views a day. Now, people can see where those views are coming from thanks to view counts on the videos. Every time someone plays a video, the number will rise. This will be very valuable to advertisers, who need to know how many people their video ads are reaching.

How does Facebook make their money? This is a great question that most users do not know. Facebook makes the bulk of their money from ad sales. Over the last few years, Facebook has tweaked its ad system to the point where they are bringing in more than 30% than they use to. How did Facebook do it? They did it by evolving their ad system where that their advertisers can reach more people. Not only can they reach more people, they can do it in many different ways.

Other sites that have opted to add a view count display to their videos have seen positive results. Advertisers love seeing big numbers, and opt to advertise more at the sites that include them. Facebook already brings in a tremendous amount of advertising income, and it's likely that this move will increase it significantly. It will help advertisers to make smart choices when it comes to where to advertise, and will make them feel more confident that they'll be getting their money's worth when they buy ad space.

The number of posts containing videos has steadily increased since Facebook made this change. Now, there are more than one billion views of videos every single day. This is great news for advertisers who use video footage to engage their customers. Additionally, people who enjoy sharing videos with family and friends find that more of their Facebook friends are able and willing to watch them. From cat videos to people behaving in silly and fun manners, it is great for users on both sides of the video.

Facebook is getting it right. Everyone knows that Facebook has made billions of dollars and that the company is stable. But one of the biggest fears has been how sustainable is the Facebook model. Facebook doesn't really have a product to promote to all of it's 200 million users. Analyst did not think that Facebook would be a great investment. They did not understand how it would last in the world of the internet where companies constantly come and go. However, they did not understand the real power of Facebook.

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jeudi 18 septembre 2014

Google Officially Ends Authorship For Search Results

By Hajj Isa

Over the past two years, Google put a lot of pressure to determine webmasters to add the rel=authorship markup to their pages. Despite their efforts, many webmasters misunderstood the way of applying the markup, therefore the implementation was often flawed and full of errors.

Since the proper adoption of the authorship markup was very low, Google repeatedly attempted to reinforce the importance of associating a name with online articles, going as far as to say that pages tied to Google + verified profiles might be considered more relevant than anonymous ones.

Sadly, the feature didn't work out as well as expected, and after playing with authorship for three years, Google finally decided to cull the feature. They have been gradually decreasing the prominence of authorship over the last few months, leading to speculation that the feature was due to be culled. In June they removed Google+ profile photos from the search results, and also stopped showing Google+ follower counts.

Google has launched, and killed, several projects over the last few years, so it should come as no surprise to webmasters that they have killed off authorship. However, the webmasters - and web developers - who have spent a lot of time building authorship related plugins and growing their Google+ profiles will be sad to see the system die. However, given that spammers were starting to try to manipulate the system, it makes sense to go back to other ways of managing authority in the search results.

The authorship information feature was launched in 2011to present an author's work in Google's search results with the intention of allowing writers to claim content, thereby gaining followers. An Author Rank feature promised to assist users in filtering out useless information and providing only reliable information by author reputation scoring.

Google announced on Thursday that, because it was found that author information presented in the search results did not turn out to be as useful as they had expected, they are cutting authorship from search results. From the 28th August 2014, the names of authors who are associated with articles presented will no longer be displayed on Google's search results. This follows closely on the heels of another cut in June this year when Google+ profile photographs were removed from its search results, as well as follower count numbers. The web search giant has gradually been moving towards this decision for the past few months, which eventually led to an official announcement on Google's authorship support page that authorship markup will no longer be supported in their web search.

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Advertising Events In Facebook News Feed

By Bilal Syed

Facebook ads are a popular platform for promoting events and promotions. More than 400 million Facebook users interact with social network's events every month. If you own a Facebook page, you can use it to promote an event for your company, however, in order to reach out to your target audience, you need to advertise your event on Facebook.

In the past, Facebook ads were only visible on the right hand side of the website, however, as Facebook develops its ad platform even further, your ads will now appear on news feeds both on the desktop and mobile platform. This is really good news for companies that are relying on Facebook ads to reach out to their target audiences. Now they can be sure that they're ads are seen and, more importantly, clicked on.

FaceBook included the change because the news feed is the number one place for getting people to come and join in. People spend most of their time fiddling through their news feed throughout the day.

Facebook ads are clever in that they appear along with the regular news feeds, making them less invasive and more acceptable to audiences. But perhaps the most powerful feature of Facebook ads is the insights that appear with the ad. For example, an ad for a beauty cream would show how many of your friends liked the product. With events, it's practically the same. You are given insights on who among your friends are attending the event and how many people are attending it. And you know how it goes, more people are inclined to attend an event if they see that some of their friends are also going.

Insights for Events will show the number of people who have seen links to events on the Facebook platform, as well as the number of people who have viewed events, and the number of times the event has been joined, saved or had a "maybe" response.

Event pages have been redesigned too. Individual Facebook users now have access to a personal event page that highlights upcoming events, and will also prominently showcase suggested events. These events include not just ones that they have been invited to, but also events that they may be interested in. Recommendations are based on the pages that users like, their location, and even the day of the week.

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mardi 16 septembre 2014

Twitter Expands Ads To 12 More Non-Us Markets Now You Can Advertise Outside The US

By Bilal Amed

While most people already now that Twitter is a huge micro blogging platform with millions of users using it everyday, not a lot of people know that they can actually advertise on Twitter. While in the past Twitter ads was limited to the United States, Twitter has expanded the territorial reach of its ads, to Central and Eastern Europe to Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Switzerland.

Which, basically means that these ads are going to be for 12 nations that are not US. This is something totally new that Twitter has not done before and most social media sites do not actually try to attempt.

Personally, the fact that Twitter will be expanding it's ads to non- Us markets is amazing. I think this is a great foot forward and the way to go. Not only will this help Twitter expand, but it will attract more users form all over the world making it something that promotes diversity, which I believe all forms of social media should already be doing. Hopefully, more social media sites and mediums get inspired with what Twitter is doing and also think of stepping into this direction.

Overall, if you are someone who is wanting to find out more information about Twitter and all the things it has been upto I would love to inform you all. If, you think I should start my own blog or even my own Twitter user talking about Twitter trends let me know.

I would love to inform al lof you about the updates that Twitter keeps giving out and explaining them to all of you as I feel they are quite helpful and can benefit most of us in one way or another. All in all if you have further questions do not hesitate and let me know. I want to answer as many as I can.

Overall, if you are someone who really loves knowing more about the Twitter world and what is going on you should check out my blog. On my blog I have a more fuller review on the expansion of the 12 non- US markets that Twitter will be appealing to very soon on it's social media site. You can read all about it on my blog and even comment what you think about it on there because I love to read what all of you have to say. Overall, if you are someone has questions just message me.

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Twitter Adds Self Serve Advertisements In Countries Abroad

By Carl Lee

One of the boldest moves by Twitter in recent months is to expand exponentially in Europe and Latin America. Recognizing the popularity of its brand-new self-serve product for advertising, it has decided to expand in these areas to generate new advertisers. There really is nothing like advertising to social media companies because you can quickly access people that are not searching for something on the web.

This is actually a beneficial move for small and medium-size companies because of how many people actually use this social networking platform. Over half 1 billion tweets are sent out every day, and with monthly active users approaching 300 million, it is beginning to rival the ability of Facebook to produce very targeted advertisements to people that fit specific demographics. Let's look at why this might be the best choice for you and your company by choosing to advertise with Twitter.

Adding More In Latin America And Europe - As a result of adding over 10 new countries to their self-serve product for advertising, Twitter is really expanding very quickly. Those that live in Belgium, Italy, or the Netherlands, or if you are in Latin America in Colombia, Guatemala or even Mexico, you can utilize this new Twitter advertising system so that you can target potential customers with ease. Even if you are a small company, with a limited budget, you can test your different marketing campaigns in a cost-effective manner. Medium-size companies can really take advantage of the low prices that are charged for this type of advertising, making this a no-brainer for anyone on the fence.

Advertising Worldwide With Twitter - Now that Twitter has moved into so many different countries in Latin America and Europe, it is now becoming one of the more popular ways to advertise your products and services. It is very easy to set up self-service ads, and start making regular sales for your company.

One single ad could add up to several thousand visitors that you didn't have to pay for because it went viral. By adding 11 new countries in Latin America and Europe to their list of prospective advertisers, you can see that this has great potential for your products and services wherever you live.

People in the USA have been using this service from 2013 to engage their customers in real time conversations, generate leads, drive website traffic and close sales more easily. This will help businesses to generate more profits in the long run

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